Even though not as cringe-worthy as other household tasks, like cleaning old toilet bowl, cleaning house windows is nevertheless tiresome and monotonous. The task takes on a new level of frustration when all that cautious spraying and wiping results in a mess of streaks. To add insult to injury, they frequently reveal themselves only when they catch the light spot on, an occurrence that always takes place.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way! Much similar to other cleaning chores, taking care of glass, whether it’s house windows or a mirror or a coffee table, is more regarding the tools than the actual elbow grease concerned. With the correct substance in your bucket, you can get your glass streak-free and crystal-clear in a flash. 

Go Distilled

Even though it might all appear the same to the untrained eye, the reality is that the class of the water which flows from your tap can be different wildly from place to place. This isn’t such a major concern if you’re cleaning flooring or countertops, but given that glass house windows show every little blemish it will be incredibly noticeable if any impurities are present in the procedure. Since many individuals dilute glass cleaner with water this can include a major impact on how your glass surfaces appear after a good cleaning. Hard water particularly has a higher concentration of dissolved minerals for instance calcium and magnesium, which will almost certainly result in an unattractive, streaky clutter when combined with your cleaner.

As a substitute of diluting glass cleaner using water from the tap, think about using distilled water. It doesn’t have the minerals in it that can be there in tap water, so it won’t leave behind any streaky deposits on your house windows. If you need of very large quantities, distilled water is fairly inexpensive and easy enough to acquire from the local grocery store. If you’re actuality pinching pennies you can whip up a batch from the comfort of your own home!

Minimize Suds

Soap is king if you’re looking to work up a good lather. However, when used inaccurately, suds will only leave house window surfaces covered in ugly white streaks. If the task at hand really needs a deep clean, be careful with the quantity of soap you add to the solution. A little bit goes fine!

Suds can make cleaning house windows a tough task.

It doesn’t need a lot of soap to get rid of that dirt, and with too much will effect in an excessively dense cleaner that can leave a streaky scum on the house windows. To create your very own batch, just mix up 2 quarts (1.9 litres) of water with 2 quarts of rubbing alcohol. Then add three (that’s right – only three) drops of dishwashing soap to the mix.

Stay Away from Paper Towels

You know that containers of glass-cleaning supplies you carry through the house when it’s window day? Contrary to popular belief, there should not be a roll of paper towels in it. We know, your world has just been rocked.

Now that you’ve settled back down, it’s time for the hard truth. When used on house windows, paper towels run off not only streaks, but linty ones at that. In its place, go for a cleaner alternative, like a microfiber cloth or squeegee to get it done. Or, embrace a completely old school technique and make use of a handful of newspaper (if you can find one)! It turns out that your morning read does a remarkable job on glass; just don’t make use of any of the glossier pages or “funny” sections. Sure, there’s some prospective for personal clutter, but if you only use the black and white pages and put on gloves; you’ll take pleasure in clean glass and hands at the same time! Strange though it might seem, cleaning house windows  with newspaper not only aid create streak-free glass, but as well an attractive, bright shine!

House windows need to be cleaned regularly.

Be sure to spray your cleaning products on the newspaper or cloth rather than straight up the house windows. This will avoid the cleaner from dripping into the frame and possibly rot it.

Buff It

Even if you do precisely the right things, like adding vinegar with distilled water and wiping with newspaper, it’s feasible to end up with an annoying streak or three. So therefore, the simplest answer is to stop the job with a swift buff.

The best variety of cloth for the job is a chamois or a microfiber towel, even though a normal rag will be sufficient in a pinch. Again – step away from the paper towels, if you enjoy the way lint appear when it catches the sun! Ensure the cloth is clean and dry, and just buff over the exact area of the glass when you’re finished cleaning it. Like magic, those annoying streaks will fade away before your very eyes!

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