Changing your windows is a fantastic way to redefine the design and increase the value of your residential property. That’s why it’s essential to pick the right type of home windows that have maximum function, performance, and beauty. In today’s post, we’ll talk about one of the most popular window installations for the home: casement window installation.

A casement window installation is a well-loved choice among homeowners because of the multiple benefits it offers. Usually installed over countertops, sinks, and appliances, this window installation can be done throughout the house.

Casement: Convenient and Contemporary

Well-loved because of its convenience, contemporary style, and energy efficiency, casement windows can fit most climate types, construction of the home, style preferences, and budget.

Types of Casement Window Installation

Single Frame

This is the standard style for casement windows. As the name implies, this type only has a single frame.

Double Frame

Also called French casement windows, this has two windows joined together in the middle.


This type comes in single and double frame styles. It uses a handle for opening and closing rather than a crank.

Here are the advantages of choosing a casement window installation.

Exceptional Ventilation

Compared to double-hung windows, which you can only open upward and are closed on top, you can open casement windows all the way. This type of window opens widely side-to-side and from top to bottom – which no other window type offers.

Casement windows let refreshing air inside your home.Casement windows are also capable of catching side breezes. Their open sash funnels fresh outdoor air into your living space. This feature is a favorite among homeowners for its exceptional ventilation and the amount of natural light it can bring in.


This installation is a popular choice among homeowners who value energy efficiency. In fact, casement windows grab the second spot for energy efficiency, right after the fixed-pane window type.

The sash of casement windows is fixed against the closing frame, which allows for an airtight seal. This feature prevents the leakage and entry of heating and cooling within your home.


This type of home replacement windows comes with hook-shaped locks affixed within the frames. These locks from the inside, which give your home an added layer of protection and security.

Wide Selection of Designs

This type of home replacement windows has a variety of beautiful design features. Some of these features are a colonial grill, top-down grille, no grill, prairie grill, French, pushout, flat top, and more. To see our selection of casement windows, please call our office – a member of our team will be happy to give you options.

Closing and Opening Made Easy

Universal Window Direct reviewA casement window installation comes with its ease of use. This means that casement windows are made easy to open and close. Casement windows use tandem latches, which are also called single-lever latches. Most models of this type of home replacement windows are fitted for automated openers.


In the spirit of full disclosure and to check if a casement window installation is the right choice for you, here are the disadvantages of this type of home window.

Can’t Fit Air Conditioning Units

Casement windows open outward. Thus, it can’t fit air conditioners. Windows that open from top to bottom are more ideal for accepting air conditioning units.

Limited Sizing

Like we mentioned above, casement windows are built to open toward the outside. This type of design doesn’t allow for a variety in sizes; the windows need to be not too big or too heavy.

The opening must be durable enough to support casement windows, so installers recommend lighter and smaller built windows. Screens or Storm Windows

While it’s possible to do a casement window installation that opens towards the inside, that’s not a common occurrence. If you will be screens or storm windows, casement is not the most suitable window option for you.

Choose a professional casement window installation company.Professional Casement Window Installation Company

Universal Windows of Central Texas is the area’s prime casement window installation company, as well as other types of windows. We carry a vast selection of casement window designs and styles, and we’ll be happy to help you choose the right one for your home.

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