If you need reliable casement window installers because you have been considering adding new windows to your home and are considering the benefits of casement windows, you have come to the right place.

This unique window type could offer a new, cozy style for your home, which may be needed to spice up your place.

Let’s explore what casement windows are, their benefits, and if casement windows are a suitable fit for you and your home.

What is a Casement Window?

If you are searching for a new window for your home that is easy to open and close, then casement windows are the right one for you.

Casement window installers can help with quality window installation.

Casement windows are made with hinges on their sides, allowing them to open outward to either the left or right easily and efficiently.

Casement windows are sometimes called “crank windows” since they’re installed with a handle that should be cranked to extend the window’s supporting arm open and outwards. They’re made to open and close easily with a fold-down handle, making them easy-to-open windows for children and adults.

Homeowners searching for excellent ventilation with an unobstructed view usually opt for casement windows. Kitchens, bathrooms, sunrooms, and sitting rooms are well-served by a casement window. The opening and closing are easy, the ventilation is optimal, and casement windows offer a good, unobstructed outside view.

Benefits of Casement Windows

Energy Efficiency

Casement windows do an excellent job of sealing out the outside weather when they are closed, helping maintain your home’s indoor temperatures. They could be fastened securely to weather stripping, keeping outside air from getting in, as long as they have been properly installed by professional casement window installers. This helps increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Casement Windows Offer a Fully Open Window

A casement window is the only window type available on the regular consumer market that fully opens. You lift the sash away, almost off the house, attached only by a thin side. The only other way to get a more fully open window would be to remove the sash entirely.

All other types only open halfway, at most. Double-hung windows can have either the top half or bottom half open. Sliding windows are those that include only one side open. Fixed windows never open.

Casement Windows Catch Side Breezes

If you want to promote airflow in your house, a casement window can be your advantage. The open sash on a casement window serves as a flap to funnel breezes into your house. If neighbors tightly box in your home, the angle of the casement windows may allow you to catch breezes. The sash effectively scoops in the air and sends it into your house.

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But that could also work against you if prevailing breezes often go in the other direction. Breezes that flow through the top of casement sashes will not be sent into the home. The casement sash blocks the wind.

Casement Windows Are Better-Designed Than Ever

Casement windows do have a few issues. One long-standing problem is the potential for failure with casement windows’ mechanical operating systems. Many window manufacturers have enhanced their opening and closing systems to counteract this problem.

Another alternative is to dispense with the opening and closing system altogether. Some casement window installers provide push-open casement windows. With this window type, the only mechanical operation besides the hinges is the tensioning devices that open the window.

Casement Windows Offer Clear Views

Do you like the clear, unobstructed views of fixed or picture windows? But you also would like to be able to open the window? You can ask your casement window installers to install casement window because it is a perfect hybrid between fixed and sliding sash windows.

Casement windows are the only windows that open but can display a full, unobstructed glass sheet when closed. Other windows got, at the least, one strip dividing the window. Single-hung and double-hung windows are composed of two sashes, with a horizontal strip in the middle. Slider windows got a vertical strip. Fixed windows got no strip, but they do not open.

Simultaneously, casement windows are stylistically flexible enough that you could opt for dividing strips if you wish. Dual sash casement windows got a functional vertical divider. Or you could choose non-functional muntins: strips of wood, metal, vinyl, or fiberglass that visually divide large sashes into numerous smaller sashes. These false muntins are installed as clip-on accessories or between the double glazing (two panes of glass).

Casement Windows Are More Secure Compared To Other Windows

You can ask window installers, but no type of window would entirely stop intruders from breaking into your house. All windows have weak points, and even with the most secure window, the intruder can always break the glass to enter the home.

However, about other types of windows, casement windows are very hard to break into. With other windows, shattering the glass makes it easy to open the window fully. With double-hung windows, for instance, once the glass is broken, the stranger merely needs to reach in and turn the latch above the lower sash. This lets the intruder lift the sash and enter the home without the need to deal with the shattered glass while entering.

Casement windows are among the best window options.

But casement windows (except for push-open windows) could only be opened by turning the window crank. Shattering the glass gives access to the crank, but it is hard to turn the crank through shattered glass. Some homeowners make the casement windows even more secured by removing the crank from the window and keeping it close but out of reach.

Are Casement Windows Suited For You?

So there you have it, the casement windows’ pros and cons. If you wish for much ventilation for your house in easy-to-open windows, do not mind investing a little more for your preferred situation, and have the right sizing, casement windows are the perfect window type for you.

However, if you’re trying to stick to a stricter budget or only have large windows you’re hoping to replace, you may prefer a different window option for your home.

Why Hiring Professional Casement Window Installers To Install Windows Is Better

The opportunity to save a buck on window installation might be tempting if you possess experience as a handyman and lots of free time to learn a new skill. However, it is best to leave the job to professional casement window installers for various reasons:

Professional casement window installers got access to a wide range of high-quality windows at wholesale prices, offering them better prices than retail stores. This means the money you think you’re saving by buying your windows may not be as substantial as you believe.

In the window installation business, professional casement window installers should be licensed and certified. This tells you the job is complex and not something a weekend warrior should attempt.

Employing professional casement window installers is your chance to make a big change. If your small double-hung windows leak, you may want to install something other than tiny double-hung windows in their place. Professional casement window installers can resize the opening and allow you to enjoy more of a view.

It's always better to hire professional window installers than to do the project yourself.

Window dealers have years of experience replacing, installing, and repairing windows. You got the opportunity to ask personalized questions and get professional tips you can implement right away.

Choosing Professional Casement Window Installers

Ultimately, the hassle of buying windows outweighs any cost savings you may experience. Of course, you do not want to hire any old run-of-the-mill handyman to install your windows.

Get quotes from several casement window installers and utilize price differences as your first point of comparison. Ensure any contractor you consider is insured, licensed, and experienced with window installations. Browse online reviews to compare each casement window installer’s customer satisfaction record. Lastly, ask each contractor for referrals you can call with specific questions about the casement window installers.

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