Nowadays, choosing windows for the home is more than just picking the style, color, and design you want. More and more homeowners are becoming environmentally aware and energy conscious, so they opt to go for energy-efficient windows.

Selecting the right energy-efficient windows for the home is vital in ensuring that your heating and cooling costs are minimized. With all the options out there, it can get overwhelming.

Energy-Efficient Windows: What You Should Know

The main thing for you to consider is the upgrades you’ll get from the type of windows you want to install.

Also, keep the following in mind when selecting energy-efficient windows for your home:

  • Installation
  • Frame
  • Glass
  • Design

Let’s look at each factor below.

Window Frames

Compared to aluminum window frames, wood frames are less prone to transferring heat and cold. However, metal is a better conductor of heat and cold than wood. It doesn’t mean that you should default to wood frames when choosing energy-efficient windows.

Check the frames for their energy-efficiency windows features.

There are different types of window frame options – each one with their negative and positive characteristics. You can decide if wood frames fit your style, budget, and preferences.

Window Frames for Energy-Efficient Windows


This type of material provides exceptional insulation capabilities. However, wood needs to be appropriately maintained to prevent rotting, warping, and water damage.

Also, wood frames are not the best option if you live in an area with high humidity or rainy weather.

However, a well-constructed wood-framed window is known for its longevity. Many older homes with the original wood window frames are still in good shape. This is mostly due to the exceptional construction, installation, quality, and species of the wood frames.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is an affordable window frame option. However, its affordability doesn’t mean it’s a mediocre choice. Properly installed vinyl windows are a budget-friendly alternative for energy-efficient windows.

Vinyl offers glass insulation and air-tight construction that much minimize air leakage. This type of window frame, however, does not provide as many color options as its counterpart. Also, not a lot of homeowners are fond of the vinyl look in their house.


If you live in a humid and rainy climate, aluminum window frames are the ideal choice for you. This type of material performs well in the environment, as mentioned above.

Because of its strength and durability, aluminum frames meet the guidelines and requirements on building codes in coastal and hurricane-prone places.


These window frames combine the low-maintenance qualities of aluminum or vinyl while encased in the wood interior. However, if you reside in a wetter climate, wood-clad frames may not be the best option for you.

Windows replacement can get overwhelming.

It’s because wood-clad frames are not exceedingly resistant to water intrusion. Water, when it gets in contact with wood, can lead to rotting. The rot can penetrate the jambs and sills.

A professional window installation company will know how to appropriately incorporate waterproof membranes around the clad of the frames.

These membranes serve as the drain pan for the water, which will then decrease the intrusion of water – minimizing wood deterioration.

Windows Designed for Energy Efficiency

Here are the common types of energy-efficient windows:

Casement Windows

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If the wind is a big enough issue where you live, casement windows are a suitable option. The seals and hinges of casement windows will need to be properly maintained. When they are, they perform well in extreme climates.

Double-Hung Windows

These are the standard in many homes across the country. They fare well in extreme climates but may not be the best when it comes to air intrusion.

Look For Energy Star Rating

The government’s Energy Star program will let you know the energy efficiency rating of home windows as overseen by the National Fenestration Rating Council. To learn more about the best energy efficient windows available, please get in touch with us.

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