When anything in the house is not working like it should, fixing it is always the more affordable option. However, when it comes to a broken window seal, is it more advisable to fix it or buy home replacement windows?

When it is small things like loose door hinges, broken tile, or toilet issues, if course, it’s easier to fix the damage. However, when it comes to your home windows, when do you know if the problem is significant enough to warrant you purchasing replacing windows?

How do you know what home window problems can easily be fixed? Not all answer is going to be the same for all homeowners.

In today’s post, let us talk about whether you should fix broken window seals or purchase home replacement windows altogether. To know the right solution, you must first understand the answer to these questions.

What type of home windows do you have?

The first question you must know the answer to is the type of windows you currently have. Does it have a proper window seal in the first place? Is it a double pane window with a glazing bead? If you don’t know what a glazing bead is, it’s the clip the secures the glass part of the window firmly in its place.

Know what type of windows you have.

It also attaches the sash, which is the part of the home windows that encapsulates the glass. It also moves it upwards and downward.

If your home windows have problems with the glazing bead, here’s what you can do.

Try removing the glass and replace it with a new insulated glass, which you can buy from your local hardware store.

On the other hand, if your windows don’t contain the glazing bead, repairing them is likely not the solution you are looking for. The type of windows that have the sash built all over the glass need to be replaced entirely.

It’s because it’s more expensive for homeowners to make the sash again. It would make more sense – and more affordable – to purchase new windows for the home, rather than attempting to fix it.

How old are your home windows?

How old your windows are is a good indication of whether it’s time to replace them or not – if the window seal can be fixed or if you need to purchase a new window unit entirely.

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If your window purchase is still under warranty, then it’s a good scenario. You can reach out to the manufacturer for a sash replacement with newer components such as insulated glass, etc.

Many window manufacturers offer up to two decades – sometimes even longer –  of warranty. However, if your home windows come with a new construction project, there are window manufacturers who don’t offer an extended warranty.

The reason behind a shorter warranty is to avoid future liabilities. Nevertheless, if your warranty has expired and you need a replacement sash, just buy it. Replacing the sash is still going to be more affordable than replacing the windows.

Are you planning to replace your windows in the near future?

Even if you have the option to do a simple window seal repair, sometimes buying home replacement windows makes more financial sense. Many homeowners look at upgrading their windows as a worthy investment that will up the value of the property.

Window components can get costly. Thus, if you’re planning to replace your windows soon anyway, it would be smarter to buy new windows than spend time, money, and resources fixing your old one.

With broken seals, consult a replacement window professional.

Also, when one problem manifests itself, more often than not, you’ll gradually see more and more, even though you’ve done your part in fixing the issue. The same can be said for home windows.

Ask a Home Replacement Windows Professional

Many home windows companies provide a complimentary, on-site inspection. Take advantage of this service so you can have a professional opinion on whether or not you should get new windows.

If you need more information about our home replacement windows options and services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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