Home renovations and projects may often be expensive and time-consuming. Also, not every project adds significant value to your property. For that reason, homeowners focus on more essential home upgrades – such as home replacement windows.

Exterior remodels, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, even adding home automation features are some of the most popular home renovations that will significantly improve the value of your home. However, those are also some of the more expensive ones.

You can also add a massive improvement to your property – both in aesthetics and energy efficiency features. How? By installing home replacement windows.

If you are seriously thinking about selling your property, consider a home replacement windows project. But how does this home improvement project compare to other more significant home renovations? Is it worth it to get your windows replaced? Let’s look further in today’s post.

Home Windows: Repair or Replace?

Many homeowners tend not to replace their windows unless they absolutely have to do it. The cost to replace every window in the home can add up. To add to this, if you decide to replace the windows gradually rather than all at once, you may end up with an incompatible or a disjointed look. This look is something you may need to get stuck with until you finally finish the project – which may take some time.

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Thus, it would greatly help if you figure out first whether you need home replacement windows or if a repair service would be enough.

Reasons Why Homeowners Gets Home Replacement Windows

Here are some of the reasons why most homeowners opt for new home replacement windows:

  • To get a fresher and more updated look for their home, especially if it’s an older property.
  • To get better energy efficiency features and lessen heating and cooling costs.
  • To better prepare their homes during a storm or other natural disasters.
  • In response to daily wear and tear of windows.

If you’re considering updating the look or aesthetic of your windows, a repair is not the service you are looking for. Getting your windows repaired won’t give you the updated look you are going for. However, if you are after enhancing the energy efficiency performance of your windows, you don’t have to go for a complete window replacement.

Bring in the Professionals

Home replacement windows are made of different materials.

To determine whether you need replacement windows or if a repair is enough, hire the services of a professional windows company. They are capable of giving you the advice you need.

They are equipped with the know-how to assess the current status of your home windows properly. With professional help, you’ll know the best and most cost-effective window service for your situation.

Cost of New Windows

Several factors affect the cost of new home replacement windows.  The price will depend on what type of windows you want to purchase, the size, and how many you want to get.

Other factors, such as energy efficiency and other custom features, will also affect the final price. And on top of these, you will also need to keep in mind the cost of installation.

Home Advisor shared that the standard cost is between $300 and $1,000 per window installation. As for labor, expect to pay up to $350 per window. Naturally, the bigger your home, the higher the costs.

Window Materials

Windows made of aluminum are the most cost-effective. Next are vinyl windows, wood, then fiberglass. If you want custom and more decorative windows, expect to pay up to 50% more of the standard installation using standard materials.

When budgeting for your windows renovation, remember that to get the best value, upgrade with better materials than what you currently have. Never choose less valuable window materials. Obviously, you will lose value while spending more money.

Energy efficiency is a fantastic feature for home windows.

Energy Efficient Home Replacement Windows

Want to increase the value of your property significantly? Install energy-efficient home features – and this extends to windows.

The U.S. Department of Energy advised the public that the heating and cooling capabilities of homes are dependent on the windows’ performance.

If you have energy-efficient windows, you’re saving up to $340 a year on energy expenses, which can add up. For more information about our Energy Star-rated residential windows, please reach out to us.

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