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The world of house design is always changing. Like any fashionable and trendy artform, architecture and home design is no exception to the whims of changing times. What may be the hot trends in residential windows now may not stay the trends forever, but if you’re upgrading or building a home, especially in preparation for a sale – make it speak of the hottest trends of today!

Trends are enjoying longer terms

So, one of the trends of the past few years – which looks like it will continue – is the fact that consumers are interested in longer-lasting trends. Not that your entire home décor will stay up-to-date for a decade, but more classic and longer-lasting (think: ecological) materials and designs will maintain their popularity and value if you’re looking to sell in a couple years rather than before the end of this year. So look for more sturdy materials, more timeless art, and you’ll find it retains its popularity.

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Nature is hot right now

When it comes to residential windows, everybody wants more glass and less frame. Big picture windows, grand bay windows, and large skylights are all the rage. If your home is in a beautiful location, if you have a well-manicured lawn or lovely view of the sunrises or sunset, why not take full advantage of them? Some residences are going so far as to build floor-to-ceiling walls of windows in some rooms, because everyone wants to find a way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

Natural and dark colors are in

Not only is actual nature around your home one of the hottest trends in residential windows, but natural materials and darker, more subtle colors, are all the rage. While vinyl and wooden frames remain popular, having a wood finish is highly desirable for vinyl. Dark is one of the most ordered colors right now, but green, navy blue, dark red, shades of gray, and custom browns are becoming increasingly popular.

Energy efficiency is here to stay

Ten or fifteen years ago people might have thought it was just a trend in residential windows to have them have energy-efficiency ratings. Some people would say you would only need that in windows that get the most sunlight or have the highest exposure to different elements. Not anymore. Today’s savvy homebuilders and designers know that every window should be energy efficient. Every space in your home is a potential way to make your home more environmentally friendly. Every window can not only include double or triple paned glass that will block out moisture and keep your energy costs down, but they can actually block out harmful UV light by design.

Customization is everything

Just as no two homes are the same and no two homeowners are the same, no two consumers want exactly the same thing. So today’s residential window designers know that modern consumers want customization. Not only should you be able to choose the color and material, as well as the energy efficiency level, you should be able to choose whether your windows have screens, and how they will open, if at all.

Skylights - residential windows

Many people choose fixed windows which don’t open at all so there’s fewer moving pieces, fewer issues that may need maintenance, and fewer overall long-term needs. While other people choose windows that can open either by sliding, cranking, or on a hinge-opening. The location and style of your home can certainly affect which of these will be right for you.

Make Residence Feel Bigger

Because space is becoming more scarce in a lot of places, everyone is looking for tricks to make smaller homes feel and seem larger than they. In addition to old tricks like mirrors and light colors, designers are trying new approaches like mixing bold patterns and mixing colors and metal finishes to keep a person’s eye moving around the room.

One of the new tricks for residential windows is to use ceiling-to-floor curtains to cover even a small window. If you can upgrade the window to one that lets in the most light possible, that’s best, because light will help open up any small space. That’s also why so many people are opting to add skylights to small living spaces, to get more natural lighting into their life.

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