You’ve finally found – or are building – the home of your dreams. Or, you’re finally purchasing or business property. You’ve taken no detail for granted, left no corner unenhanced. So of course, you’re going to order custom windows, aren’t you?

Don’t let standard or boring manufacturer windows cost you time, money, and value to your home or business. You should enjoy the best custom windows – the right windows – whether they’re brand new or replacements.

Commercial and residential custom windows should add value to your home, allowing you to enjoy the space for years to come. 

Knowing what you need to know

First, consider the different variables of your house. Where are the hot spots? Where are the drafts inside? How much sunshine does each window receive, and how does it contribute to energy concerns inside the home?

Assess your window efficiency and consider your ideal. If you’re looking for windows that help shade a room, make note of it. Or, if your home needs windows that help to keep in the heat, it’s helpful when you place to order to know the unique window needs of your building.

Special Environmental Considerations

If your home is close to water, in a high-wind area, on a fault-line or in an area with high insect populations, consider the various needs you might have in window design. If you need glass with high impact resistance, or windows that don’t shatter on impact, consider how many and where they would be located.

Consider the materials

Windows today come in a variety of framework materials, layers and materials of glass, and casings that protect and enhance the look of the windows. Depending on your building’s needs, you may choose wood or metal framed windows, but the most common custom window designs are vinyl custom windows. Vinyl is particularly weather and moisture resistant, and can be shaped to fit custom requirements very well.

Custom Window Glass

When designing your perfect windows, you might consider whether you’re interested in tinted windows, windows with multiple plates of glass, or what types of glass you’re most interested in. Custom window glass can be a crucial choice in your design.

Unique shapes and sizes

Many home owners have to order custom windows because of uniquely shaped or sized windows. Have a bay window? A large picture window? Or a porthole window? You can order custom windows that are perfect for your aesthetic and perfectly fit that amazing and unique window. 

Window Designs and Function

Custom window designs can include being fixed or adjustable. If you need windows you can open, get them. Or if you need windows that open in a specific design, consider your options. Not only will you want to consider what looks best at your property, consider what is the safest and will be best for the long-term.

What to do

When you’re preparing to order custom windows, follow the following quick tips:

  • Take pictures of the windows you’re replacing, or architectural drawings and contractors’ sketches
  • Take measurements. Using a laser-measurer if possible, rather than tape measurer. And get accuracy to 1/16”, if possible. But at least, as small of measurements as you can.
  • Take temperature measurements inside the building, so you can see how efficient the windows are after installation.
  • Take note of the location of A/C units, generators, and other noise-producing machinery. Will they be located near windows? Would you like those windows to have increased sound protection?
  • Depending on your desire to maintain consistent building materials, find out what you can about how your building is constructed. What other materials are used at your property, and how would you like them to match?
  • Speak with your property insurance agent. Your agent may be able to give you a few tips about installing replacement custom windows that would decrease your rates or liabilities.
  • Research local or state energy efficiency discounts. Depending on the materials or amount of numbers you install, you may be eligible for choosing custom vinyl windows that are more energy efficiency and improve your local property values.

Order Custom Windows of Your Dreams

You don’t need much to get the best custom windows for your home or business – all you need is the determination to protect your property. Provide your family, friends and guests the ultimate in comfort and enjoy the best style and beauty with specialty order custom windows.

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