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Universal Windows Direct provides top-quality windows at affordable prices in Killeen, TX. Improve your home’s energy efficiency, resale value, security, beauty, and comfort with stunning new windows. Impact-proof, noise reducing, air filtration windows bring you ease in so many ways.

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Universal Windows Direct is honored to serve the beautiful community of Killeen, TX with premium efficient and beautiful windows.

Whatever kind of windows you’re looking for, we can help make your windows visions come to life. Customize your sizes and frame color options for any space in your wall you’d prefer to beautifully see through. Residential properties, your own dwelling or your rentals – whatever type of property you have, if it has windows or needs replacements, we can help.

Universal Windows Direct provides top-quality windows at affordable prices.

Universal Windows Direct came to Central Texas in 2015. Waco proprietors, Jon Searles and Trung Giang, are focused on the goal of serving residential and commercial window needs throughout the area. They aim to give their customers the best value for new and replacement windows matched with excellent customer service.

Just two years after opening our doors, Universal Windows Direct was honored with recognition as number 15 on Qualified Remodeler’s top 500 list of 2017.

We proudly continue our excellent service and high-quality products, and look forward to serving all of your windows needs and wishes in the very near future.

We are honored that you trust us with the efficiency, security, and beauty of your home through your windows choices.


Upgrading your windows will gain you money in many ways

You will be surprised at how much money you gain by investing in these windows.

When renovating your home, why not include a home windows project.

Lowered Electricity Bills

The first way that upgrading your windows will save you money is through your monthly heating/cooling bill. Our premium windows are 23 times more airtight than regular wood windows, and 15 times more airtight than standard vinyl. This means that if you stacked together 23 standard wood-framed windows or 15 vinyl ones, the amount of air that would still escape through all of those windows combined would be equivalent to the amount of air leaking through just one of our windows. Yes, they are that good.

Our air filtration windows are the best in the industry, yielding excellent window air infiltration ratings and window air leakage ratings. With standard windows, as much as a quarter of the home’s climatized air blows out through the window – not to mention the steady breeze of outdoor air coming in that your HVAC system constantly has to deal with. Our windows have a polyurethane foam fill integrated into their design. This creates a tighter and less permeable seal. Our glass in the panes is also insulated. You’ll notice a difference in your heating and cooling bills once you get air infiltration rated windows with insulated panes installed. That puts more money directly into your pocket every month. Just that savings alone will eventually pay off the cost of your new windows.

Do you want to install double pane windows or single pane?

Reduced Stress on HVAC System

Better windows, with high-quality seals, prevent the air from whistling into the room and instead allow your room temperature to stay where you set it. This reduces overload on your HVAC system. With drafty windows, HVAC systems have to work extra hard to keep up with heating and cooling a constant stream of outdoor air that keeps coming in. That extra heavy load is going to cause your HVAC system to require more maintenance and reduce its life. This is the second way that new windows are going to save you money.

A casement window installation is one of the most popular window installation picks among homeowners.

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Federal Tax Credit

Uncle Sam will also reward your energy efficiency with a tax break for replacement windows. The government offers a tax credit for energy efficient windows, so you will gain at tax time as well when you upgrade with energy-efficient windows.

We carry Energy Star rated windows in Killeen, and we offer Energy Star window installation in Killeen. If you want to use Energy Star for replacing windows in Killeen, we can help.

Increased Home Value

Beautiful, high-quality new windows, with state-of-the-art technology, are going to increase the value of your home, guaranteed. This is the fourth way that you gain financially by replacing your old windows. By the time that day comes and you see how much more your home is worth because of your high-quality windows, you’ll know you’ve been enjoying all of these wonderful windows benefits basically for free for as long as you’ve had these glorious windows. In this way too, these windows pay for themselves, but you get to enjoy all of their benefits in the meantime. And those benefits are plentiful, indeed.

house windows

And guess what, Killeen…

We offer a military discount to all active duty and veterans of our United States Armed Forces, the most powerful militia and strongest army in the world.

Do y’all know anyone who might qualify for such a discount? It’s our way of saying thanks and God bless you for dedicating a part of your life to helping keep us all safe here at home.

The least we can do is give you a great deal on some great windows. So, that means that if you’ve ever been in the military, and here in Killeen, we think there’s a pretty decent chance that maybe you or someone you know has been, then we want to say thanks – with cold, hard cash. And that is another way that you, our dedicated women and men in uniform, save money on your new windows. Instantly.

So you see, upgrading to our premium windows at Universal Windows Direct will save you money in all kinds of ways.

Before deciding what home windows to get, know what your options are.

Let’s talk about the glass. These are triple-pane windows

Our double-pane windows offer tremendous efficiency. Our triple-pane windows offer even more. They are the best triple-pane windows available. Check them out! Our triple-pane window manufacturers do impressive work. These windows have three panes of glass, two Low-E (low-emissivity) coatings, between-glass argon or krypton gas, and a sealing spacer that creates a waterproof barrier that also resists condensation and increases durability.

The benefits these windows offer are remarkable. Not only will they gain you money in many ways, as noted above, but they’re also solid windows for noise reduction and they’re actually also impact windows, made to be shatterproof windows.

Financial gain with these windows is just the beginning. They’re also sanity savers and potentially even life savers.

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Don’t be bothered by a thing with noise-reducing windows

When you live anywhere near a governmental testing site or base of any sort, there’s a good chance things are going to get loud sometimes. Then there’s the neighbors, with their music and loud voices that linger past your bedtime and maybe even keep the kids awake.

Noise-proof windows would be a pretty nice fix for that, don’t you think? Save your sanity and your relationships with your neighbors without having to say a word or lose any more sleep. Shut the window, shut out the noise, end of discussion.

Noise reduction for windows is the easiest way to deal with noisy neighbors, and just one of so many benefits of owning quality windows.

Our windows have tight seals and two or three panes of insulated glass (your choice). They are all they can be for sound-reducing windows, and you’ll certainly notice the difference with these noise-reduction windows.

You can make your property more marketable with home replacement windows.
Know what type of windows you have.

Get great security with these impact windows

When the winds start blowing and things start flying in Killeen, it’s time to run, duck for cover, and pray Mother Nature doesn’t come through your windows and send shards of broken glass flying through your living room. That’s a prayer we can answer here at Universal Windows Direct, actually, because we sell hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors. Hurricane glass is shatterproof, much like the glass in our automobiles. So, hurricane doors and hurricane-proof windows have laminated glass that prevents shattering and flying glass shards upon impact. Impact windows and doors could save lives.

The triple-pane vinyl windows we carry are best rated triple-pane windows, sourced from the best triple-pane window manufacturers. The triple-pane windows manufacturers we work with will customize your windows to your space and style, all with exceptional quality.

It’s about both efficiency and security – two things our soldiers can appreciate.

If you’re wondering where to buy triple-pane windows, come visit us today!

There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing windows for homes.
If it's time for a windows replacement, call a professional contractor.

Our Service

We value our loyal customers very much. We wouldn’t be here without you! Our quotes have the information you need:

  • Window specifications: size, style, color, amount
  • Installation: date, time, scope
  • Warranty: lifetime coverage for windows and service
  • Financing: for qualifying customers
  • Discounts: for active duty and veteran military

Our windows can meet all of your building’s needs, with a range of budgetary options.

We deliver exceptional quality windows to Killeen at affordable prices with professional courteous service.

When you need a new window or maybe a lot of new windows, and you want the best quality you can get at an affordable price, call on us here at Universal Windows Direct.

We will customize your windows as you wish.

Whatever your imagination has created with your windows, we can bring it all to life. Double-hung, bay, arched, awning, casement, slider, garden… There are around 18 different styles of windows you can choose from, all with the same exceptional quality. Bring your ideas to us and let’s work together to create an incredible look for your home with windows that also meet all of your lifestyle needs.

The color choices are also all yours. Choose different colors for the exterior and interior, no problem!

Let’s not forget – these windows are also beautiful inside and out

On the exterior, your windows are your home’s visual focal point. They draw the eye because they’re more interesting to look at than the wall of siding. So, your windows set the tone for your aesthetic. If you don’t care, you may have cheap metal or wood-framed windows in there. This says you don’t care too much about having a very beautiful home or the energy you’re wasting with those thin and drafty windows. An upgrade in just your windows will improve your home’s curb appeal greatly.

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Cozy Windows

On the inside, your windows have a lot to do with how comfy and cozy your home is. Beautiful well-sealed windows add to your home’s personality and décor on the inside, too. Metal-framed windows are cold and don’t add much to the comfort level of a room. But a lovely vinyl-framed window warms the feel of the room, allows for beautiful outdoor views, and makes whoever is in that room relax and enjoy it just a little bit more. These lovely windows are customized to the host’s taste and will naturally blend well with other elements in the home. The end result is so cozy!

These windows also help make a room cozy because they’re well-made and don’t leak. No one likes to sit next to a drafty window – random chills in winter and blasts of hot air in summer are unwelcome and uncomfortable distractions. Airtight windows keep the internal climate constant and don’t let any breezes in through the cracks. This makes the room more comfortable.

residential windows

Shutting out the outdoor noise just by shutting a window is a gift from heaven sometimes, no? All that racket can drive a person crazy! Noise-reducing windows keep the outside noise outside. That peace and quiet also helps make the room cozier.

These windows also bring pleasure in their beauty. Because just like a beautiful picture frame can enhance any picture or painting, a beautiful frame around your view of the great outdoors will enhance your enjoyment of what’s on the other side.

Squirrels, birds, trees, flowers – it’s all more pleasant to look at through a beautifully framed and quality piece of glass. Somehow your favorite comfy chair just got even better, and the room’s atmosphere feels warmer even though the temperature hasn’t moved a bit.

You can really improve the look and feel of your home with a new set of beautiful windows. We will customize their size, shape, and color, both interior and exterior, to whatever vision you want brought to life.

residential windows

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