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Choosing the right window installation company is just as important as choosing your replacement windows. In today’s post, we’ll share with you what to look for when choosing among window replacement companies.

We hope what you’ll learn today will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a window replacement company.

Need Advice on Home Window Replacement?

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Do I Need to Replace My Windows?

Before we explore the tips when selecting a window replacement company, let’s first see if you do need to replace your existing home windows. One of the main reasons homeowners get replacement windows is to get energy efficiency features. Energy-efficient home windows can save homeowners on energy costs, improve air quality, and lessen air seepage.

Other reasons for replacing windows are insufficient safety and security features, dated style, defects, and age.

Replacing and Installing Windows

Replacing home windows may seem like a reasonably straightforward process. However, when windows are installed incorrectly, specific significant issues can arise – from energy efficiency features being compromised to air escaping.

Many window types also come with their own installation warranty. If you work with inexperienced or dishonest window replacement companies or you do the installation yourself, you risk voiding the warranty.

Is it time for you to replace your current windows?

Reputable Window Replacement Companies Can Do It Right

To lessen the risks, only work with reputable window companies or contractors for correct installation. Finding the right contractor can get challenging. This is especially true if you haven’t needed one before. To avoid issues down the road, we have prepared the following tips when searching through window replacement companies.

Know What Your Window Options Are

When it comes to choosing home replacement windows, do your research. A good trick when it comes to looking for window installation companies is to know beforehand what type of windows you want and what your available options are.

Some window replacement companies only specialize in one specific type of window. Thus, picking the right company requires diligent research on the homeowners’ part.

Get At Least Three Bids or Proposals

The estimates or bids you receive should be detailed. This means that other than the prices, the proposal must enumerate and identify the materials that are needed, what products to use, the amount of labor required, etc. The bid should also distinguish the duration of the project, which is the start date and estimated finish date.

Try to get at least three proposals from three different window replacement companies. The more specific and detailed they are, the better. When you have a clear and specific bid, you can prevent problems arising down the road. Also, neither the customer or the service provider can claim they misconstrued the details of the bid and project.

Read the Fine Print of the Project Agreement Carefully

Read the fine print of your window replacement project agreement.

A suitable type of window is as good as its warranty. Aside from its price, features, and materials, homeowners should make warranty one of the top criteria when selecting home replacement windows.

Window replacement companies have their ways of preparing contracts with fine print specifications. If you sign a project agreement but didn’t read the fine print, and you end up not liking the results of the project, then you might as well have signed the contract blindly and gave free reins to the company, without protecting your interests.

The bottom line is to peruse the fine print of your contract. Read it twice or thrice if you must, get feedback from friends and family who have worked with window replacement companies. Make sure you understand it, so if there are any future issues, you’d want to make sure you have a warranty. If there’s any stipulation in the contract that makes you uncomfortable, bring it up with your installer.

Ask for References from Potential Window Replacement Companies

When verifying references, check not only the window company’s but also their window manufacturer’s. You want a company with a good standing as a window installation service provider.

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It’s also not uncommon for customers to ask for before and after pictures of window installation projects – if they’re not readily available yet. It’s much better if they have photos of projects they’ve done that will be similar to yours.

Another vital detail to ask a window company is how long they’ve been in business. In this type of industry, experience and expertise are two invaluable factors.

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