When it comes to a material’s versatility, vinyl may well as be dubbed as the “swiss army knife” of the window construction industry. Custom vinyl windows can be molded to precise specifications – and with absolute ease. They can also be upgraded to get better insulation than other conventional materials. 

If you need to upgrade your home or if you have a brand new home and need windows, here are some reasons why vinyl may be the best choice of window material for you.

Vinyl’s Affordability

Compared to other material options, vinyl is not as high-priced. Complex chemistry has been primarily used to construct vinyl, which is a synthetic material composed of salt and water, ethylene from natural gas, and chlorine. Since the substances to make vinyl are abundant in nature, this material is not affected by market fluctuations. This results in a lowered manufacturing cost that helps vinyl’s affordability. Vinyl’s Ease to Maintain and Durability

One of the main benefits of custom vinyl windows is their ability to weather well, they don’t become brittle, and they don’t easily crack or chip. This type of material also does not need regular maintenance; you can just wipe the windows down occasionally to keep them clean.   

Vinyl’s Energy Efficiency

Window frames constructed from vinyl can be built with internal air chambers. These chambers can then be filled with gas, specifically argon, to help better its ability to insulate. Custom vinyl windows can also be made with several window panes, with the space between each pane filled with argon gas as well, also called low-E reflective insulation. Commonly referred to as a “window sunscreen,” this coat can reduce up to 85 percent of the sun’s UV rays from penetrating indoors and passing through your windows. This type of coating also helps lessen the solar heat gain. It also aids in the longevity of your furniture and carpets since it keeps them from sun damage. When custom vinyl windows are correctly installed, they can help you save on your monthly utility expenses. 

Vinyl Provides Safety and Security

Every homeowner has the safety and security of their families in mind. Knowing that your loved ones are protected can let them rest easy at night. Good, secure windows are an essential feature of the house that contributes to the security of your property. 

Not only will windows keep out burglars and intruders, but they can also protect your home from extreme weather conditions. Installing the right windows is an essential consideration in not just the comfort but also the security of your living environment. 

Vinyl’s Versatility 

Vinyl can be made to your exact design specifications. You can also take into account your home’s aesthetics and architectural styling when considering the design for your custom vinyl windows. Vinyl can also be used on several types of windows that you may want for your home. This may include casement windows, bay windows, basement windows, double-hung windows, and other types. One more advantage of vinyl that is homeowners favor is that they can choose any color they desire.  

Vinyl’s Visuals

Curb appeal is important. Even when you’re not trying to keep up with your neighbors in terms of exterior look, you still need to make sure to have a welcoming and cozy-looking home. The finishes you choose for your home will affect the whole look of your property. 

Old and worn-out windows can significantly drag the style of your home down, making your property appear outdated. If you are looking to improve the exterior style of your home, choosing custom vinyl windows are one of the best ways to start. With vinyl, you can customize the visual look of your windows in any way you wish. From colors, sizes, and shapes – you have the freedom to choose. Having these options lets you build the home of your dreams.


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