Hiring custom windows installers should be the first step if you’re planning to have new custom windows installed in your Texas home. However, you should not just hire the first window installers that you can find to take care of the job. Instead, it would be best to look around for the right custom windows installers to put in your new beautiful windows for you.

There are many considerations when hiring custom windows installers.

Check out the important qualities that custom windows installers need to have before bringing them on board for your window installation.

Licensed and Insured

First things first: If you’re hiring custom windows installers to install replacement windows in your home, you should not hire installers who cannot show that they have business insurance and business license.

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If you work with custom windows installers who do not have a license, they could disappear without a trace the next day, and there wouldn’t be much you can do about it. If you partner with installers who don’t have insurance, you could run into trouble if an accident occurs during your window installation. You can be on the hook for any medical or property damage repair costs due to an accident.


You do not want to call on custom windows installers who just began installing windows last week to install your new windows for you. The professionals you hire should have at least a few years of experience with window installation. That will ensure that they know what they’re doing when installing windows for you. It is best to choose custom windows installers who have worked with various types of windows.


Custom windows installers should be knowledgeable in different types of windows and models.

Throughout your window installation, you’re likely to have a million and one questions regarding windows. Your custom windows installers should be able to inform you about both windows and the window installation process. If you ask these window installers and don’t seem to know what they’re talking about, they’re not the right installers for you.


You cannot afford to have a window installation take several days or even several weeks. It would be best to have custom windows installers show up on the day they say they are going to and install your windows as quickly as possible while doing the job properly.

Otherwise, you can leave your home exposed to the elements for a long period and make your house less secure than it has to be. Find reliable custom window installers with a reputation for showing up for jobs on time and seeing them through to the end.

Quick and Efficient

A seasoned installer should tell you how long the job will take. Ask about the process. It’s better to put in each new window right after the old one is removed. Insist on having the installer measure each replacement window before ripping out the old one. You don’t want a boarded-up hole while waiting for the right window to arrive.

Window installation needs expertise and experience.

Think twice about hiring custom windows installers who remove all the old windows first and then install the new windows after. If there are any problems, you could be left with many holes in your walls for days or weeks.


The windows installers that you hire to do custom window installation will need to come into your home and walk through it while working on your windows. Therefore, you need to be able to trust them to work without you constantly having to look over their shoulders. Make sure you trust the window installers that you use for window replacement.

Should You Work with Professional Custom Windows Installers?

Let’s cover the many reasons we don’t recommend tackling a window installation project by yourself and why hiring a professional custom windows installer is best.

The project would be completed in a reasonable time

The total time of your project is based on how many windows are being replaced. But even if you are having all of your windows done, you should expect the project to take a day or two. Professionals often install between 10 and 12 windows a day. Their experience also lets the project move quickly.

Your windows would be installed properly to avoid leaks

After putting in the money and time to buy new windows, the last thing you want is for them to have leaks. Unfortunately, leaky windows aren’t uncommon for DIYers.

Hiring professionals is more ideal than doing the window installation yourself.

On the other hand, professional custom windows installers know about window sizes and have plenty of experience with installation. That eliminates the risk of damaged and inefficient leaky windows.

Damaged and broken windows are not your responsibility

Professional installers have insurance that protects the business and you – the client. Therefore, if there are accidents or problems, the installer will cover them for you. If you are the one to make a mistake, however, you will have to pay extra for the window cost and still have to replace it.

You could ensure the correct size of the windows

Even if you have some experience in window installation, it’s possible to buy the wrong size. It happens all the time. Pros know their products well and are aware of the window sizes they have to order. They also know how to partner with standard and nonstandard window openings for the top results.

The warranty stays intact

Regardless of who installs your windows, they come with a warranty protecting them from defects. You should get a warranty that covers both the installation and product, but you might not get this if you install your windows on your own.

As you can see, there are countless reasons why hiring a professional to install your windows is the best choice. Even if you’re looking to save money, it’s worth hiring a professional because they can protect your investment and your warranty. Are you looking for custom windows installers near me? Contact us today!

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