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Universal Windows Direct. Serving Central Texas with all of their window needs since 2015.

We install high-quality windows with Texas-style courtesy at fair prices. If you’re thinking about replacing one or more of the windows in your home or you need windows, we can help. You won’t find better windows solutions anywhere around Central Texas.

We Outrank the Others

The Qualified Remodeler’s top 500 list had us at number 15 in 2017, just two years after serving our first customer.

We proudly continue to serve Central Texas with excellent products and professional service.

Universal Windows Direct came to Central Texas in 2015. Waco proprietors, Jon Searles and Trung Giang, are focused on the goal of serving residential and commercial window needs throughout the area. They aim to give their customers the best value for new and replacement windows matched with excellent customer service.

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There are lots of reasons to replace your windows. Let’s start with aesthetics.

Window technology has come a long way since folks first began to install glass in their walls so they could see the light. Today, selecting the right windows isn’t just about function and form. Technology has improved such that we can select extremely high-quality windows that will also beautify your home in every way. Today, you can select from a variety of window styles so wide, it’s nearly limitless. Stock or custom sizes and configurations, decorative grids, and many options for interior and exterior frame colors – each will add its own element of charm to your home. Your imagination is your only boundary with what you can do – and what we can help you do – with windows.

Architecturally, your windows are your home’s focal point. The eye naturally draws to the décor in the solid walls and from the outside, that’s the windows. Whether double-hung, slider, or bay, that choice makes a difference in your home’s exterior aesthetic. The eye views all windows on at least one side of the house together, so your window selections matter to the overall appeal of your home from the outside.

What are the right questions to ask window replacement contractors?

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Architecturally, your windows are your home’s focal point. The eye naturally draws to the décor in the solid walls and from the outside, that’s the windows.

Whether double-hung, slider, or bay, that choice makes a difference in your home’s exterior aesthetic.

The eye views all windows on at least one side of the house together, so your window selections matter to the overall appeal of your home from the outside.

Safety and security are also reasons to think about new windows.

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The Lone Star State is the greatest place on earth to live for a lot of reasons, but heavy weather isn’t one of them. Hurricanes hit our coasts enough and shoot their weather inland often enough to give us reason to think about impact windows and invest in some hurricane glass and shatterproof windows for our homes. Hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors help keep your home secure from high winds and flying debris. Hurricane doors and hurricane-proof windows have laminated glass that keeps them from shattering and prevents glass shards from flying in the event of impact. An investment in impact windows and doors for your home will keep you and your belongings more safe and secure.
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The great city of Temple, Texas is pretty safe for the most part, but not without its occasional burglaries.

With today’s technology in window security, there’s no excuse for an intruder entering your home by unlocking a window or patio slider. The windows we carry all offer high levels of security from break-ins with high-quality closures and secure latches.

We care about quality, and we care about the safety and security of our loyal customers.

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Whether or not your home is cozy has a lot to do with your windows.

The concept of coziness isn’t easy to define, but we know it when we feel it. Ugly windows in an otherwise beautiful room can make all the difference in whether or not we feel cozy in that space. So, how the windows look on the interior matters to how the room feels.

Quite possibly the biggest factor in making a room not cozy is its draftiness. No one likes to sit next to a window that’s so drafty you can literally hear the breeze whistling through the window seal.

Choose professionals to replace home windows.

We don’t want cold air rushing in on us in the winter and giving us a sudden chill or hot air disturbing our peace in the summer. Plus, we are wasting a ton of money on heating and cooling the air that’s just blowing outside – typical homes lose more than a quarter of their heat just out the window. At the same time, this draftiness makes our HVAC systems work extra hard to keep up with the demands that drafty windows bring. So, we’re consuming a heck of a lot more electricity than we need to and we’re wearing out our HVAC systems, all because we really could use new windows.

There are no drafts with windows from Univeral Windows Direct.

Our windows are state of the art in window technology.

Replacement windows for kitchen must offer adequate lighting and air circulation.
Windows replacement can get overwhelming.

No Drafts in Our Air Filtration Windows

The seal in our air filtration windows is airtight, thanks to the polyurethane foam fill in their design. This creates a tighter and less permeable seal, keeping both wind and rain on the outside where they belong.

Our windows are as much as 23 times more airtight than the average wood-framed window. That’s like stacking 23 wood-framed windows together and the amount of air that escapes through that maze is the same amount that escapes through just one of our premium windows. Comparisons of our air filtration windows against standard vinyl windows show our windows are as much as 15 times more airtight in our premium models, and at least twice as airtight as our competition in our starter models. With these statistics, our window air infiltration ratings and window air leakage ratings are among the highest in the industry. If it’s important to you to buy air infiltration rated windows, look no further.


We Carry Double-Pane and Triple-Pane Windows

More is better, right?

Our double-pane windows bring excellent energy efficiency. If you want to maximize the energy efficiency of your windows, consider our triple-pane windows. The triple-pane vinyl windows we carry have earned some of the highest ratings in the industry because they are about the best triple-pane windows available. We source them from the best triple-pane window manufacturers and have them tailored to the specific needs of your home.

Our triple-pane windows aren’t just any triple-pane windows. There are reasons why ours are the best rated triple-pane windows. Our windows have three panes of glass, two Low-E (low-emissivity) coatings, krypton or argon gas between the panes, and a sealing spacer that creates an impermeable metal barrier resistant to condensation and improving durability. The result will be lower energy consumption and a more comfortable, draft-free home. The special combination of these materials will be tailored to your needs and ordered from our triple-pane window manufacturers according to your specifications. We really do offer the best triple-pane windows around, and our triple-pane windows manufacturers are standing by ready to fill your custom order.

If you’re wondering where to buy triple-pane windows, look no further. Contact Us for an estimate today!

More Money in your Pocket is a Great Reason to Upgrade

Replacing your home’s windows is an investment, certainly. Let’s look at how you gain economically in the short and long terms with an upgrade in your home’s glass collection.

Our windows are insulated and airtight, keeping your climatized air inside and the great outdoors out. So, you lose less money with your heated and cooled air just blowing out the window and outdoor air coming in uninvited. Reducing consumption and saving energy and money simply by replacing your windows seems like a no-brainer. This will put more money in your pocket every month. Over time, and probably not a lot of it, your new windows will pay for themselves in lower energy bills.

Our windows are Energy Star rated windows in Temple, and Universal Windows Direct offers professional and courteous Energy Star window installation in Temple. If you’re looking for the certification of Energy Star before you replace windows in Temple, we’ve got that for you.

Uncle Sam will also reward you with a tax break for replacement windows – you’ll get a tax credit for energy-efficient windows.

This is not to mention that your new windows investment will also raise your home value, so you will also win with your new windows when you sell.


No Drafts Means Noise-Reducing Windows, Too

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Since the seal in our windows is tight and the glass is triple paned and treated, ours are also excellent noise-reducing windows. The best neighborhoods have the best families – and that often means dogs that bark and kids that practice trumpet and tuba. Or maybe you’ve got some DIY builders in the neighborhood, livening up the peaceful birdsong with the sweet sounds of power tools. Noise travels fiercely in the quiet. Noise reduction for windows can save your sanity and your relationships with your neighbors. Sound-reducing windows help keep the peace inside your home, regardless of what’s going on outside.

If you’re going to get new windows, don’t forget about windows for noise reduction. Noise reduction for windows is an easy box to check off when looking around for new windows. Just ask!

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They’re Even Low Maintenance

First, our windows don’t get stuck in their tracks. They are manufactured with the highest quality materials available and according to the most advanced technology. You can expect them to glide open and closed at your leisure and without sticking. They will work just like they are supposed to for the life of the window – which is a very, very long time.

Even better, our windows don’t require a lot of cleaning.

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The special Low-E glass in these windows repels condensation, reducing buildup and the risk of mold accumulating on the windows. The window glass is also treated with a UV-resistant coating which serves a number of purposes. First and perhaps most obviously, this UV coating protects what’s in your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays. But there’s much more to love about this coating. It also helps reduce water spots so your windows stay clearer longer. And it helps minimize the buildup of dirt on the outside. So, indeed, you have to clean them less often and they aren’t so bad when that time comes around.

Not only do our windows upgrade your security, reduce your energy consumption, improve your home’s curb appeal and interior comfort, and increase your home’s value, but also, their minimal cleaning requirements helps keep your vision of the outdoor bounty crystal clear from your favorite spot.

Customize with a Wide Variety of Options

We have windows to suit your every need and wish perfectly.

Our windows come in a wide variety of colors and patterns for your aesthetic preferences.

Free estimates for all window services including replacements or upgrades in your home. Request an estimate, and we will send a qualified estimator to measure, show you options, and calculate a precise estimate. Our experts will analyze your home and identify the areas that may need higher efficiency windows due to exposure to the elements.


  • Our quotes for windows replacement have the detail you need:
  • Window specifications: size, amount, color, style
  • Installation: date, time, scope
  • Warranty: lifetime coverage for windows and service
  • Financing: for qualifying customers
  • Discounts: for active duty and veteran military

We have windows for all of your window needs, with a range of budgetary options. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our windows and our service. Our quality is exceptional, prices affordable, service top-notch.

When a new window is on your mind, or maybe a lot of new windows, we are here to help. Universal Windows Direct.

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