Want to get the best energy saving windows for your home or business? This brief guide will help you!

Energy Saving Windows in Today’s World

The standard in basic windows is dual-pane glass. This means there are two layers of glass, separated by perhaps a thin gap of air. They can be set into a wood, vinyl, or aluminum frame. The sad fact is – double-paned windows like this have been considered “best in class” for more than 150 years! No way!

You wouldn’t use the “best” transportation available 150 years ago (a horse and buggy?), and you wouldn’t put the “best” kitchen appliances from 150 years ago into your home (electricity-free, anyone?). So, don’t skimp on your home’s windows.

Top energy performance is important

Windows have notoriously been a problem in energy leaks in houses and businesses forever. But, using a more advanced window can save you up to 50% in energy costs – immediately! Reduce your monthly payments on heating and air conditioning, and help prevent moisture and outside environmental factors from entering your home and business. You can reduce allergens immediately, with better designed and more modern windows that keep more of the outside out and the inside in.

Look for the Energy Star label

Energy Star is the modern standard for energy-efficient appliances and building materials. Evaluated by energy efficiency government standards, the Energy Star labels and energy performance ratings make it easy to compare the different materials and designs available for energy efficiency. Compare products easily to find the new or replacement windows that are right for you.


Choosing the Best Energy Efficient Windows

Because you have so many incredible options for energy efficient windows, you can expect your selection won’t be narrow. When choosing the best energy efficient windows for your property, there are always a few things to consider:

Unique Window Needs

While many of your windows may have similar needs to one another, consider if there are any specific windows in your building that have particular needs. Size and location can make a huge difference. Especially examine the areas where your building tends to lose the most heat or air conditioning, or where there seem to be drafts from outside that make their way in.

One of the most common windows that you need to be energy efficient are large portrait windows, which can let in a lot of sun or let out a lot of your comfortable inside temperatures.


Triple pane and treated glass

While there are a number of energy efficient double pane glass windows available, but for the highest level, most intense energy needs, check out the different triple pane and specialty glass options available. Glass can be tinted, reinforced, sun treated, or otherwise treated to increase its energy efficiency. Depending on how many stories are in your building, how the building is constructed, and the level of energy efficiency you need, you can customize the order of your energy saving windows to your exact specs.

Frame materials and color

The design of your home or business energy efficient windows doesn’t have to clash with the overall design of your building. Todays energy efficient windows come in different frame constructions, including wood, vinyl and aluminum, and each material is often available in colors that will match your architecture. Consider how to choose both the best construction material that fits both the quality and the aesthetic of your building.

Long-term benefits of energy saving windows

As previously mentioned, you can easily reduce your monthly energy bills with more efficient windows that keep the elements out and your personal environment in. You can also control the air quality better – as less air leaks, the less contaminants can make their way into your property. And lastly, you’re able to keep moisture, insects and spiders out with a tight, energy-efficient seal that means nothing that shouldn’t be inside gets inside.

A professional consultation can help you determine the best kind of energy saving windows for all areas of your home or business. By evaluating your needs, discussing your options, and considering the budget, it will be easy to find the durable, long-lasting windows that look great while they protect you.

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