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The windows in your home should fit your taste – both in form and function. Thus, the selection process for the right window that suits your lifestyle can be quite confusing and overwhelming, what with all the types and their different purposes out there to choose from. Whether you want to install double pane windows or single pane windows, let’s explore each window type.

From comfort, style, quality of materials, and efficiency, there are many factors to consider when selecting the right type. Essential details such as single or double pane windows, the amount of sunlight that the windows let in, and the kind of window will make a huge difference in your comfort, the appearance of your home, and the energy savings.

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In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at single and double pane windows and the differences between them. We hope that this guide will help you decide which is the best choice for your home.

It’s In the Glass Layers

The main difference between a single and double pane windows is the glass layers each type contains. Single pane windows, as the name suggests, only has one glass layer that provides protection from the wind. Glass, however, is not a good insulator.

p to 90 percent of window heat is lost through the glass

Studies revealed that there’s up to 70 percent of energy loss from windows and doors. Additionally, up to 90 percent of window heat is lost through the glass. Inadequate insulation leads the temperatures outside to impact the temperature inside your home.

To install double pane windows, on the other hand, come with two or double glass panes. The panes or panels are divided by a space between them filled with air. The air helps keep the colder temperatures during the winter or the heat or warmer temperature during the summer in the middle of the glass panes. It also forms a shield that prevents the heat and cold from outside to affect the temperature indoors.

A double pane window can save you as much as 25 percent in energy costs during the colder months, and 20 percent during the warmer seasons. Thus, you’ll get an overall lower energy cost and less noise obstruction from outside, which is also a very important factor especially if your home is located on a busy street or intersection.

Single Pane Windows

Double and single pane windows come in the same materials and styles. However, single pane ones only have one layer of glass. Because of this attribute, single pane windows are not as effective in noise reduction or temperature maintenance.

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Installing single pane windows is more affordable than their double counterpart, and this makes them an attractive choice for homeowners who have a strict budget. However, their energy costs will eventually get higher over time.

Glass treatments of single pane windows also have no insulation. When there’s only one glass pane, the outdoor temperatures and noise will impact the inside conditions of your home. Single pane windows work best with homes that are located in a quiet neighborhood and mild and consistent year-round climates. However, keep in mind that the heating and cooling costs of your home are directly linked to the type of window you have.

Install Double Pane Windows By Professionals

Professionals to install double pane windowsCompared to the single pane, a double pane window contains two panes of glass. The panes are separated by air or gas that aids in the slow transfer of cold and heat.

Since gas is denser compared to air, using gas as an insulator is more energy efficient. Argon and Krypton are the two types of gases commonly used in double pane glass.

As expected, to install double pane windows is more expensive than the single counterpart. However, once installed, you will significantly notice the effect on your energy bills. The cost to cool and heat your home will lessen substantially since less outdoor temperatures are transferring through the windows in your house.

Prioritize Quality

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Whether you choose to install double pane or single pane windows, always prioritize quality. The lowest prices are not always the best option. Cheap windows may result in higher energy costs and are not worth the initial savings you were able to get from buying them.

Also, incorrectly spaced glass for double pane window types can result in the buildup of condensation and broken seals between the two glass panes. Find a trusted local window installation company that can design and manufacture windows that perfectly suits the style and function you need.

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