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It’s a nightmare that any homeowner can imagine. There’s a crash, then the sound of shattering glass. What used to be a window lies in pieces on the ground. Time to look into your home window replacement options.

It happens every day – for one reason or another, houses that were whole yesterday suddenly have a hole in them. They need someone to fix them.

Need Advice on Home Window Replacement?

Windows need to fit securely, match the style of your home, and meet your needs. If you need more help choosing the right type of windows, submit your name and email and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

Or, it happens every day that a house shows its age. Time, weather, and poor maintenance can cause your windows to become leaky, creaky, and inefficient. If it might be time for an upgrade, you should consider a whole home window replacement strategy.

Broken Window Replacement

When the nightmare happens, it can happen to any type of window. Picture windows, awning windows, porthole windows. Some of these can be very difficult to replace.

Let me share a funny story with you. Once, when we were children at my grandparents’ house, my brother decided he would play on the pool table without adult supervision. And, of course, a pool ball ended up soaring through the air and straight through the sliding glass door. Uh-oh.

Accidents happen. Birds can fly into windows. Construction or landscaping can throw an object into the glass unexpectedly. When any of these things happen – kids, animals, or just life in general – don’t try to replace the windows yourself. Calling in the professionals will get you the best results in the best amount of time.

Non-Glass Replacement Reasons

There can be many reasons besides broken glass that you might need to replace a window. If the sash or hinges become locked in place, and you can no longer open the window. Or, if the window frame somehow or another get damaged, bent, or comes out of place. Don’t let malfunctioning or difficult to operate windows be a hassle. Just get them replaced.

Window Upgrade Replacement

When were the original windows installed in your house? Probably when it was built. How many years ago was that? If your house is more than 10 years old, chances are, window design and efficiency has improved since then.

Energy Efficiency

Dealing with high heat and cooling bills? Have you noticed drafts and leaks? Do you have some rooms that are burning up at the same time that others are freezing?

Energy efficiency is one of the main reasons that people upgrade to more modern windows. With today’s designs, not only can you get the right shape and size to flatter your home, but you can look at designs with double or triple pane glass. High energy efficiency standards mean that more modern windows could save you as much as 50% on your current bills – just because of a home window replacement.

Built-in blinds and shatterproofing

Have you ever seen the windows with blinds inside the glass? The ones that can be controlled with an app and set to the perfect settings so the light is always right in your favorite room? Yeah, that’s a thing now. Easy to keep clean and adds beauty to any space. Not only can you make the room more energy efficient, you can make it a picture-perfect room any time of day.

Windows from decades past were very fragile. One smack with a hard object and the glass would shatter all over your floor. Today, glass is designed with thin plastic polymer layers inside. Still translucent – or you can get them tinted for privacy and energy efficiency – these windows are designed not to shatter to pieces. While not “bulletproof” (although, of course, bulletproof glass is an option), these reinforced windows can maintain their structure when under stress or impacted. This makes them perfect for businesses as well as homes, and for homes that are located in places where they might have to deal with higher risks – like on the beach, where winds and flying objects cause broken windows more often than you’d think.

Home Window Replacement Can Save You Money

You may have heard that it’s not worth it to replace your home’s windows. Especially if you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years. You may have heard that you won’t get the return on your investment. You may have heard that the construction will be difficult and more trouble than it’s worth.

Nonsense! We say, “Why deal with a problem tomorrow that you could solve today?” Obviously, if you have a broken piece of glass, you need a replacement window. But if you’re also dealing with high energy costs, drafts, and uncomfortable living conditions, why keep dealing with it? Home window replacement is simple, easy, and minimally invasive. It will save you money and ultimately improve the quality of your day-to-day life as well as the value of your home.

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