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The Best Residential Windows in Waco are from Universal Windows Direct

Our Nationally-Recognized Windows Company Can Outfit All Your Residential Windows

Universal Windows Direct came to Central Texas in 2015.

Waco proprietors, Jon Searles and Trung Giang, are focused on the goal of serving residential and commercial window needs throughout the area.

They aim to give their customers the best value for new and replacement windows matched with excellent customer service. They have assembled a team of professionals who proudly represent Universal Windows Direct of Central Texas.

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We Outrank Other Local Windows Companies

Universal Windows Direct Inc. was ranked number 15 on the Top 500 List by Qualified Remodeler’s for 2017.

Universal Windows Direct of Central Texas represents ProVia manufacturer. From 2014 to 2016, Window & Door magazine ranked ProVia in the Top 100 for window manufacturing.

Our UniShield® Windows are certified as Energy Star products.

Check if your window installation company offers warranty.

Among the Country’s Smartest Growing Custom Windows Contractors

Universal Windows Direct was named among one of the best companies in which to work as well as among the smartest and fastest growing.

Don’t take a chance hiring other windows contractors to install or replace the windows of your home or business. All of our windows are custom measured, built in the USA, and installed by trained technicians.

Why not call one of the local windows companies who outranks the others in the area. Why not call Universal Windows Direct of Central Texas. We are ready to take your order.

Custom Replacement Windows Will Highlight Your Waco Home

Waco has many beautiful homes. Some could use a little fixing up and for others, just a couple of touch-ups would make a world of difference. If your home is one of those, consider replacement windows.

Windows matter very much to the overall aesthetic of your home. When you look at a lovely home, it’s not the painted walls that make it beautiful. It’s the architecture, the garden – and the windows. The windows are the home’s focal point, drawing the eye. If your windows are old and basic or modern and charming, this makes a big difference in how people perceive your home’s beauty.

Renovate with Replacement Windows

A house is not always a home until you make it your own. New windows can help in this process. Highlight the exterior of your home and be the envy of the neighborhood with custom replacement windows from Universal Windows Direct of Central Texas. Many styles from which to choose. Many options to fit your style.

Upgrade your windows for a lot of reasons! Beautify your home and increase its value. Save money and improve your home’s coziness with airtight seals and insulated glass. Admire and appreciate the beauty of God’s green earth through windows that stay cleaner longer.

Our Team

Our installation team is part of Universal Windows Direct of Central Texas. They are not subcontractors. Experienced and skillfully qualified to properly install your replacement windows as well as provide respectful and courteous customer service.

As new technology and installation practices are updated, we train our technicians in these new procedures. Safety in your home or business is priority one.

Free Window Replacement Estimates

Universal Direct Windows provides free estimates for all of our window services including new installation and replacing the existing windows of your home or business.

Has your home experienced damage from storms? Was your business the target of vandals? Let us help get you back to normal with our free window replacement estimates. We will send our professional estimator to your location, measure your windows, show you the available options, and calculate a precise estimate.

Universal Windows Direct has windows for every budget, every home, every business, and every building type.

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Detailed Window Replacement Quotes

All of our window replacement quotes are detailed with the information you require to make the best decision for your specific needs.

  • Window specifications include size, amount, color, style.
  • Installation data describes date, time, scope of work.
  • Warranty information explains the lifetime coverage for windows and needed service.
  • Financing is offered to qualifying customers.
  • Discounts are available for active duty military and veterans.

Waco property owners deserve quality window products at affordable prices. Residential. Commercial. Public. Private. One. All.

Universal Windows Direct of Central Texas is your best option for replacement windows.

Home Windows with the WOW Factor

Waco property owners deserve quality window products at affordable prices. Residential. Commercial. Public. Private. One. All.

Functional and Beautiful Casement Windows

To achieve a contemporary look for your home, consider functional and beautiful casement windows. The clean lines offer a sleek, no nonsense feel to the envelope of your home.

With the option to open your casement windows you will be able to appreciate the fresh air and sounds of nature at your leisure.



Perfectly Fit Custom Home Windows

Consider a few of the great reasons for replacing your current windows with perfectly fit custom home windows from an industry leading manufacturer-UniShield®.

New home windows tailored to your taste and style will improve the appearance of your home on the outside.

New home windows will enhance your interior décor.

New home windows enrich your view with the beauty of nature.

New home windows improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

New home windows increase your home’s value.

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Stylish Picture Windows for Your Viewing Pleasure

Small and large picture windows are most noticeable and often create a dramatic look for your house. Great for designing an open view of the world outside your home, these windows offer such features as:

  • Custom sizes, such as floor to ceiling
  • UniShield® system for double- or triple-pane options
  • Air, Argon gas, or Krypton gas filled window technology
  • Energy Star rating
  • Noise reducing insulation

Custom Vinyl Windows Made to Last

Universal Windows Direct custom-made vinyl windows are manufactured to endure harsh conditions while protecting the valuables inside your home-You and Your Family.

Proud to Represent UniShield® Custom Vinyl Windows

Universal Windows Direct owns the patent for UniShield® vinyl windows. Our exclusive brand was designed and engineered at the corporate plant in Ohio.

Using advanced technology and high-quality materials, the windows we produce will last longer, as much as five times the life of our competitors.

We are so confident in our UniShield® products, our warranty covers windows, parts, and service at 100% after purchase for as long as you own the home.

Hey Waco, we are proud to state our products are Made in the USA.

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Energy Efficient Upgrade for Older Homes

Many of the older homes in Central Texas were built prior to the era of efficiency of recent years. With the desire of many homeowners to be more “green”,  windows or glazing are now designed with saving energy in mind.

This is partially due to increased awareness of and concern for the planet, and perhaps more so, due to improved technology that saves you money by bringing your electricity bill down.



The old windows were great for their time and served their purpose of letting there be light in the home. But technology has advanced this industry just like every other, and today’s windows are far superior to their predecessors in every way. With inflation on the rise, we all need to pay more attention to not letting our money fly out the window, literally.

Those old windows are so drafty and uninsulated, they are costing you a lot more than you realize – typical old homes lose more than a quarter of their heat through their windows.

Heck, new windows would pay for themselves in savings on your electricity bill.

Our UniShield® brand of vinyl windows, sold exclusively through Universal Windows Direct, are manufactured according to the specific needs of your home.


Our experts will analyze your home to determine which windows may need more efficiency due to exposure to more direct sunlight.

Maybe a different size window is needed.

Maybe double-pane will suffice instead of triple-pane.

Maybe you would prefer a few windows you could open on occasion.

Maybe you want to change the window style or frame color.

All these factors and more are considered when you sit down to work with our project estimators.

Double- and Triple-Pane Windows Can Save Money

Modern double- and triple-pane vinyl windows help keep the heat out and filter the harmful rays of the sun. Studies show that replacing single-pane windows to double-pane may save up to 40% of your home’s energy usage.

Saving 40% is huge.

From many angles, our windows are high efficiency. They are vinyl, which brings superior air filtration and minimal air seepage compared with wood or metal-framed windows. But our windows are not only vinyl, they are at least twice as airtight as the industry average of vinyl windows and up to 15 times more airtight, depending on the window model you choose. And because wood is draftier than vinyl, our windows are at least 3 times and as much as 23 times more airtight than the average wood window, depending again on the model.


These figures are not normal in the industry, which is excellent for us because we have the advantage of offering the very best.

Our energy-efficient windows have a polyurethane foam fill in their design. This makes for a tighter and less permeable seal. Most windows nowadays are manufactured to successfully keep out the water, but few are so high quality that they can also keep out the air Ours do.

Adding to improved efficiency, we use special Low-E glass in our windows. This type of glass repels condensation, which means it reduces the risk of mold growing on the windows. It also provides insulation in your windows, bringing cost savings.

On the outside, our windows are coated with UV protection that not only helps keep UV rays out, but also helps minimize water spots and the buildup of exterior dirt. This helps keep your windows cleaner, longer. Beautiful clear windows add to the home’s comfort and coziness, no?

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Reducing damaging UV rays protects your personal belongings.

Universal Windows Direct of Central Texas. Contact your Waco representative today.

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