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Replacing home windows is something you may not need to be familiar with until you have to do it in your own home. Looking through window replacement contractors may be overwhelming.

On top of that, you will need to familiarize yourself with the available products and procedures that will best meet your window needs.

Need Advice on Residential Window Replacement?

Replacement windows need to fit securely, match the style of your home, and meet your needs. If you need more help choosing the right type of windows, submit your name and email and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

Nevertheless, it’s comforting to know that you have a good selection of window contractors to choose from. The contractor you choose will give you great recommendations and advice. They can even let you know about window replacement procedures and products that may be new to you.

The key is finding the right one among the many local window replacement contractors. In today’s post, we’ve developed a guide to help you choose a window contractor.

We’ll look at the window contractors’ professional experience, reliability, and reputation. We’ll also look at their commitment to providing their customers with the ideal window system for you.

Trustworthy and professional window replacement contractors should be open to answering these questions. And when you’re confident that you’ve picked the right window contractor for you, it will assure you that you are getting a high-quality window replacement installation – and you’re hard-earned money well spent.

7 Questions to Ask Window Replacement Contractors

What are the right questions to ask window replacement contractors?What is the full business name and address of your window company?

This may seem like an obvious question to ask. You can usually see this information on the website window contractors. However, if there’s only post-office box information, it’s good to know the full street address.

Employ the services of a window replacement contractor that is local to you. When they are nearby, chances are you’ll get better and quicker response time.

Are you a licensed contractor?

This question means you are probing the validity of window replacement contractors to operate in your state and/or your city. Not every state requires window contractors to have a license. If they don’t, they are still compelled to take and pass an examination before they are allowed to operate.

Several cities also demand professional licensing based on the specialty. You can check this information online with your local licensing authority.

Blair H. reviewAdditionally, please know that a business license is different from a professional license. A business license is for tax purposes. It doesn’t have any relation to the contractor’s professional competencies and qualifications.

Most window replacement companies offer ongoing programs to their individual contractors to further their credentials. Speaking of credentials, you can look at those as useful indicators of the window company’s dedication to the trade, professionalism, and expertise.

How long have you been in business?

The response you’re looking for here is simple: the longer they’ve been in business, the better. How long is long? Under two or three years may suggest instability or inexperience. A newer window company may have a good future ahead of them, but you should look more carefully at their credentials.

On the other hand, please keep in mind that everyone must start somewhere. If a window company doesn’t have many years of experience under their belt, don’t pass on them yet. Ask for references and customer testimonials. See if they have any honest information about their completed window projects.

Can you give me any references from your previous projects?

Ask for references.We’ve touched on asking for referrals and customer testimonials above. While it’s good to ask this question to newer window companies, you shouldn’t forget to ask them for references as well.

Ask for pictures of completed projects, if there are any. If there are no photos, don’t let this turn you off. While it’s good if there are pictures, it’s not uncommon for window contractors to not have them.

Ask for a list of at least five references and their phone numbers, over the past year. You don’t need to check every reference, but you should at least reach out to two or three references.

How do you resolve customer complaints?

When you shop around for window replacement contractors, don’t forget to ask this critical question as well.

In home improvement projects, there are times when unexpected problems do arise. Aside from asking the company for their process of resolving complaints, you can also check with the references if any issues came up after the project was completed, and how these issues were resolved.

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