So you’ve decided to update, upgrade and improve your home’s windows? Great! There’s a lot you have to look forward to – better energy efficiency, more light being let into your house, easier-to-clean designs and materials, and more! The couple of days that the home window installation is taking place, there’s a few key things to be aware of. After that, know what you can look forward to in your great, updated home.

Home Window Installation Day

After you’ve shopped around and found the perfect new windows for your home, you will coordinate with the installation team for a specific day (perhaps two) when they will remove the old windows, perform any maintenance or improvements, and install the new windows. Here, we will tell you what to expect.

*Installing new windows, skylight or sunroom

If you are installing an entirely new set of windows that need to be cut into your walls or roof, rather than replacing windows that are already there, this process may be a bit different. Discuss specifics with your contractor and make sure you follow their instructions to prepare the house for the upcoming construction.

Preparation and Day-of Considerations

Universal Window Direct reviewThe day before window installation, move furniture and wall hangings away from the windows. You might collect everything in the center of the room, stack loose items onto beds or place them in rooms or closets without windows. Moving items helps keep them out of the way of the workers as well as protected from accidental damage. Of course, you will need to remove any window décor, such as blinds, curtains, and drapes, including the rods.

If you aren’t able to remove these things and prepare the area beforehand, it’s likely that the construction crew will do it for your or help you when they arrive. However, there will be an associated cost.

Should I stay home?

Many people prefer to remain in the house while the construction crews are working. Being nearby can be helpful, in case the team members have questions and need your decision-making, but you don’t need to hover over their shoulders. Most will say you’re welcome to watch if you’re curious about the process, but respect the experience and professionalism of the contractors – they’ll take great care during your home window installation.

The first thing you should see them do is put down drop-cloths and other protection around your flooring and on your furniture.

Window Removal

Once you have reviewed your home and confirmed all specifications of the windows to be replaced, the crew will begin removing the current Blair H. reviewwindows. This can include cutting out the old sashes through the drywall or thorough the sash directly. It shouldn’t involve much breaking glass, although accidents can happen. This part of the process will naturally involve some dirt, dust, and sometimes, broken glass.

Window Replacement

Once the placement is prepared for your new windows, ropes for the window sash weights are cut, and weights drop to the bottom of the window pocket. Once the new windows are set in place, they are leveled, then nailed into place. This part of the process can involve a great deal of noise and dust, as multiple tools and specialized processes may be needed, depending on the windows you’re having installed.

Once the new windows are installed, the final step in the process is to install the interior and exterior trim and windowsills. The exterior layer – or cladding – provides the tight seal against the elements that are responsible for improved energy efficiency you’re working toward and looking forward to.

Results of Home Window Installation

Once you have your beautiful and energy efficient new windows in your home, what can you expect? In addition to clearer, less heat-transferring light in your home, you should be able to expect a tight, draft-free seal at every window. Ask the crew if they have tools or a meter where they can demonstrate to you the difference in energy efficiency. Check all the windows for drafts, or obvious issues that you can see. Open and close each and make sure they move smoothly on the track or hinges and that the locks function. Once you’re sure everything is installed correctly, sit back, relax, and enjoy your lower monthly energy bills.

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