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What do you think is a window’s position in the curb appeal of a home? They are a vital part of a building meant to let natural light and air within. But it’s as well the windows, the window designs and style that add to the pleasant appearance of the house.

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With the constantly changing architecture and home design trends, windows have come a long way from classic Victorian to present minimalist window designs. On the other hand, their purpose of brightening and enhancing the interiors has remained stable.

Today, there are an assortment of window designs and types to choose from. Understanding your budget, desires and architecture style plays a vital role in making the correct choice. Here we have tried to give details the different types of windows, designs, and styles and how they vary from the previous, read on.

Types of Window Designs Based on How They Open

Casement Windows

Long and wide windows, for instance; casement windows, which function by turning a crank, have gained tremendous popularity over the last few years. They are easy to clean, gives marvellous natural ventilation and are customizable, making them ideal for current homes in hot climates. Such window designs frequently open inward and can be angled to steer normal breeze into the building.

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Ease of operation, less repairs, and energy efficiency are some other strong suits. In addition, casement windows can also be installed with double-pane fiberglass frames with low-E coating for UV protection, in addition to regulating temperature.

  • Easy to operate
  • Casement windows open outward totally, offering improved ventilation and view
  • These fixed-pane windows are energy-efficient and highly protect
  • Casement windows are adjustable and can be modified to suit an assortment of styles
  • Casement windows and central air conditioning may not work simultaneously
  • These window designs cannot be too big is size and weight
  • Can’t utilize storm windows or screens
  • More mechanical issues

Awning Windows

Awning windows are nearly alike to casement windows; apart from these have hinges on the top. They open outward, as long as enough aeration and natural light. They work well in cramped spaces, such as in a bathroom or kitchen.

  • Awning windows are normally installed higher in the walls; make the most of ventilation without letting in rainwater
  • Perfect for wet or damp climates because of their weather-tight building
  • These window designs are flexible and perfect substitute windows as they can be shared with other window types
  • They get unclean easily thus entail frequent cleaning
  • Not a good option for emergency escape

Picture Window

If you ever wanted to trade your opaque doors or walls with translucent glass windows, then picture windows are suggested. They are frequently used in combination with additional windows for an attractive aesthetic. The best place to install picture windows is where they will offer the best sight of the outside.

Picture windows are only meant to bring in natural light and suggest an expansive view of the surrounding without disturbance. The fact that picture windows are motionless and can’t be opened for aeration should be measured before going for it.

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  • No alternative cost, as there are no automatic parts are concerned
  • Meant to bring in natural light and heat
  • Low maintenance
  • Heat gain in summers
  • Not very secure
  • Lack of ventilation

Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows

When practicality meets simplicity in window manufacturing, it leads to the manufacture of these window designs. The most important variation here is the number of operable sashes that slide upwards and downwards for aeration. These windows are capable in terms of both, functionality and energy, in addition to facilitate ventilation, making them a wonderful replacement window.

  • Improved energy efficiency and ventilation
  • Can be used with window AC
  • Offered in an assortment of sizes, styles, colours, and materials
  • Effortlessness of cleaning and accessibility
  • Expensive
  • Entail regular maintenance
  • They are not as airtight as previous windows

Bay or Bow Windows

If you desire to make your small room looks larger, then bay or bow windows are the accurate window design choice. On the surface, both of them look the same, but they have key differences in length and form. Frequently, bay windows include three windows of altering sizes makes a rounded look on the outside of the building. Alternatively, a bow window is made up of three to six windows of identical size and shape, providing clean straight lines.

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These windows are perfect for small spaces as they are installed ahead of the exterior wall of a home. Generally, they are a joint with picture, slider or casement windows, making it a much attractive option. With the accurate material put to work, bay or bow windows can turn out to be a successful investment.

  • Enhanced view
  • Adds value to the home
  • Different styles presented
  • Brings in plenty of natural light and air
  • Creates additional space
  • It is hard to install hardware on these windows
  • Higher renovation and maintenance cost
  • Hard to replace

Slider Windows

As the name gives out, this window glide horizontally or vertically and lets natural light and fresh air. Typically, slider windows are wider than they are tall. They are best for compact spaces, and as well for bedroom egress desires.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Easy to use and sturdy
  • Narrow colour options
  • Require normal cleaning
  • Prone to air leaks

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