Going through the windows replacement method can feel about as overwhelming as buying a home appliance. We get that. That’s why we have designed this resource to assist in replacing windows easier.

If you’ve wondered what the difference between new and replacement windows is, what material you should choose, or how much it is going to cost you, we are here to break all of the overwhelming questions down and support the process go as evenly as possible. Let’s begin by talking about brand new house windows, and how the selection method varies per windows replacement.

Need Advice on Home Window Replacement?

Windows need to fit securely, match the style of your home, and meet your needs. If you need more help choosing the right type of windows, submit your name and email and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

Shopping for New Home Windows

The difference between new construction home windows and replacement windows is that brand new windows have the most versatility about design and size. Because you are not limited to an actual opening, you can create the windows of your fantasies and create your new home around them without any restrictions.

Windows Replacement

If you are looking to update the windows in an existing house, replacement windows are the way to go. These windows are produced to fit a current window opening.

If it's time for a windows replacement, call a professional contractor.There are two installation ways to choose from when considering windows replacement. The first is called a pocket installation. In this process, only the sash of the previous window is excluded, and the new window slides easily into the current frame.

Pocket installation is fast, only needing about an hour per window, but you are tied up on selecting a window style that has the same size as the actual opening.

The second approach is called a full-frame installation, where the whole window is excluded, including the frame and trim, and the brand new window is placed in a new structure, along with brand new insulation and trim. This approach gives exceptional design flexibility because the trim style, color, and seldom even the shape and size of the opening can be changed to support a completely new style of window. But, there is one thing you have to keep in mind: Full-frame replacement is more time- and labor-intensive and needs work inside and outside the home. 

Repairing Windows

If your home windows have broken glass, the sash won’t stay up, or the locks are not working as they should, you might need to make some home window repairs. Request a service visit with the company that installed your windows, and they can fix whatever parts need to be fixed.

The Difference Between Replacing and Repairing Windows

As mentioned before, the main difference between replacing and repairing windows is that replacing involves the whole window unit, while improving, involves specific window parts on your already existing window. Some signs that your window parts might need to be replaced include warping, water damage, and rusting. If water is entering through your house window, or they are becoming foggy or hard to close or open, you might want to consider replacing your window.

House Window Types

Whether you are considering new or replacement windows, you want to pick a type that matches your style, personalization, lifestyle, and budget options. Popular material types include vinyl, wood, and fiberglass replacement windows.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl is a good windows replacement option.Look into vinyl windows for an energy-efficient and easy-to-care-for product that does not require painting, refinishing, or staining. These windows also include multi-chambered frames and fully welded sashes, which also add strength and durability.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows

For low-maintenance windows replacement that has the quality look of painted wood, fiberglass windows are another durable option that can help withstand extreme heat and subzero cold.

Wood Windows Replacement

Wood replacement windows offer timeless beauty, warmth, and design flexibility – all with exceptional energy efficiency. Whether your vision calls for the elegant, thoughtful details of our traditional styling or the clean, smart lines of our contemporary collection – these products are artfully designed in harmony with the style of your home.

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