Some homeowners aren’t really aware of how old their home windows actually are. Even if they seem fine at a distance, there could be some clear indications of significant problems. Even if your windows are relatively new, issues can still arise at times. So, when do I know it’s time to replace my windows?

Is it Time for a Change?

Everyone’s home situation is different, and many reasons can spark interest in replacement windows. You might have recently purchased a house with the appropriate layout and square footage, but the windows leave room for improvement.

Alternatively, if you’ve been in your house for a while, you might not have considered the windows in terms of comfort, safety, or appearance, but now you’re facing some of the issues we outline here. Look out for these red flags, and if you notice any of these, it may be time to replace your windows.

When Do I Know It’s Time To Replace My Windows?

1. Feels Drafty

Around 10 to 25 percent of the heat in a home slips away through its windows. If you sense the chill outside when touching your windows or notice a draft standing nearby compared to the rest of your house, it’s time to consider getting new windows. Windows and patio doors of excellent quality are crafted to enhance energy efficiency in your local climate, keeping the weather outside where it belongs.

2. Very Old

When do I know it's time to replace my windows

If the windows in your home have been around for 20 to 30 years, they might be original to the house’s construction, and it’s most likely that they have single-pane glass. If they’re dual pane, they might not be as energy efficient because the ENERGY STAR® labeling initiative only started in 1992.

Aged windows lacking proper glazing might not shield your home from UV rays, leading to carpets, draperies, and furniture fading. Modern windows using Low E glass assist in maintaining a more consistent temperature in your home throughout the year and offer better protection against color fading.

3. Won’t Open

Windows might not open for various reasons. Aging aluminum windows can be problematic due to expansion during temperature shifts or handle springs becoming non-functional as you press them to release the locking mechanism. In the case of older wooden windows, years of painted frames can lead to a window that refuses to open. If your windows are sticking or appear sealed shut and won’t open, it’s time to consider replacing them.

4. Too Hot

When your windows are shut during the summer, do you feel like your home turns into an oven? Older windows lack sufficient insulation or ENERGY STAR® ratings that help block heat when the sun beats down. According to, ENERGY STAR-certified windows and patio doors can cut energy bills by an average of 12% nationwide*.

ENERGY STAR doors and windows are independently verified and certified to meet or surpass energy efficiency standards set by the U.S. EPA. Besides the energy efficiency of new windows, you should enhance airflow in your home by replacing a picture window with a window style that you can open. Casement, horizontal sliders, awning, and single or double-hung windows provide various ventilation levels.

5. Outside Noise

There are tell-tale signs of when you should replace your windows.

If you hear noise from outside when your windows are closed, they likely lack adequate sound insulation. STC, or Sound Transmission Class, gauges how well a window diminishes noise. Typically, the greater the STC score, the more effective the window is in managing sound, resulting in a quieter home.

A single-pane window typically has an STC rating between 18 and 20. A standard double-glazed window has an STC rating between 28 and 32. Homeowners often observe their homes becoming quieter after installing replacement windows.

6. Visible Damage

When you notice visible damage on your windows, it’s non-negotiable that you have it replaced as soon as possible. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it’s also a security risk that could compromise your family’s safety.

Signs that your old windows are about to bite the dust may include chipping or deterioration of the frame or glass, water stains on or around the window, broken frame, and even shattered glass. Depending on the extent, window damage may not be something you can tolerate for long, as it could impact your home’s safety and comfort from a heating or cooling perspective.

7. Aesthetics

We all have different tastes and styles. It’s quite difficult to match your home’s modern and minimalist vibe with Victorian windows, right? This is where replacement windows prove to be a helpful solution. You can choose the frame, style, and colors to suit your home.

8. ROI

Each year, Remodeling Magazine conducts a survey comparing the cost and value of home improvements. According to the 2021 study, upscale homes with replacement windows have a 76.5% return on investment. If you consider selling your home in the next five years, this is excellent news.

Additionally, buyers will be drawn to the enhanced curb appeal of the new windows. They might even notice the added comfort of reduced noise and temperature regulation as they walk through the home to decide if it’s suitable. Home buyers pay attention to these details while shopping, so consider how your home can stand out in the marketplace.

What Are The Benefits Of Replacing Windows?

There are numerous advantages to swapping out old, damaged, or poorly crafted windows. These benefits justify the investment in your home’s windows:

Improved Energy Efficiency

New windows offer many benefits.

Energy efficiency means using less energy. During winter, you use energy to warm your house; the less insulated your home is, the more heat energy escapes. Consequently, you need to keep your heaters on to maintain warmth.

Windows often allow a significant amount of heat to escape. Installing new windows can notably enhance your home’s overall insulation. Energy efficiency isn’t limited to winter alone. In the summer, people typically use energy to cool their homes.

Well-insulated windows prevent heat from entering your home, reducing the need to turn on the air conditioner as frequently.

Increased HVAC System Lifespan

Using less energy cuts your electric bill and extends the life of your HVAC system. This saves more money and avoids the trouble of replacing it.

Better Curb Appeal

Upgrading your windows provides added energy efficiency and revitalizes your home’s appearance, elevating its curb appeal. This makes it more appealing to neighbors and potential buyers when you finally opt to put it on the market.

More Comfortable Indoor Temperatures

Saving on energy bills is a bonus. Inefficient windows lead to temperature differences indoors. Your couch next to the old, single-pane window might stay chilly during winter, regardless of your thermostat setting. Upgrading to new windows ensures more uniform temperatures throughout your home.

Increased Security

Modern window designs can boost your home’s security. These windows resist opening or breaking and may feature stronger locking mechanisms.

Easier to Operate

Old windows may become stuck, not close fully, or not function smoothly. New windows are generally easier to use, eliminating the need for extra effort or risking broken nails when opening and closing.

Better Sound Insulation

New windows offer better sound insulation.

Similar to their ability to impede heat flow, new windows can also effectively block sound transmission. This is particularly beneficial if you reside close to a busy street or another consistent source of outdoor noise.

Increased Protection from Sun and Weather

Some new windows incorporate special glass designed to filter out UV rays. These rays can cause drapes, carpeting, and furniture to fade. Additionally, well-constructed and properly installed new windows are less likely to develop leaks, preventing the entry of rain or moisture.

Know When It’s Time for Replacement Windows

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know when you need to change your home windows. There is a plethora of ways to determine inside and outside your home when your windows need to be changed. From spotting visible wear and tear around the windows to feeling a slight draft, there are many tell-tale that it’s time to seek a professional’s opinion about replacing your windows. Learn more about our window replacement service! Please reach out to us today!

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