Home improvement projects are time-consuming and costly. This is the reason why many homeowners put them off – until it’s completely necessary. However, when it’s time to replace home windows, it’s more beneficial to do so – that deal with old and leaky windows.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the signs that show when to replace home windows, the importance of replacing old and broken windows, and how to select and professional window replacement company you can rely upon.

How can you tell when to replace home windows?

You feel a draft even when your home windows are closed. Do you feel a draft coming from the windows even if they are shut? If you do, then your windows definitely do have several issues.

Poor insulation, poor sealing, and other issues may be causing the draft to come in through your windows. And as you know, drafty windows can alter the temperature inside your home, leading to your HVAC to work harder to maintain the fluctuating temperatures. And with the HVAC working twice as hard, you will most likely pay for higher energy costs.

You hear a lot of noise from the outside. If your home windows are only giving off minimal protection from outside noises, then they are most likely not sealed properly. In fact, they might have been poorly made in the first place.

Home windows with double or even triple-pane glass offer insulation that works to decrease outside noise. This feature is especially helpful if you reside on a busy intersection, street, or neighborhood.

Water damage is a sign to replace home windows.Your window frames are water damaged, chipped, or soft to the touch. If the window frames are cracked, soft to the touch, and with visible water damage, it’s highly like that it’s time to replace home windows – as they might be beyond repair.

Soft window frames are a sign of water penetration and rot. If you see the frames sagging already, then that’s a clear indication to replace the windows.

You see condensation building up between the layers of glass, or there is a crack in the glass. If you observe frosting between each segment of the window glass, then it means the sealing is not functioning anymore.

This lets the moisture in between the windowpanes. Once the window sealing fails, the insulation doesn’t work anymore, and the energy efficiency features of your home windows are gone. Cracked glass windows allow for air to leak out of your home.

Benefits of Replacing Home Windows

If you notice that you are paying more and more for your energy bill, the culprit is most likely your malfunctioning home windows.

When you replace home windows, you’re already doing the first step to making your home more energy-efficient. This step will give you significant savings by lowering your heating and cooling expenses.

At Universal Windows of Central Texas, we offer multiple energy-efficient home window options for you. These state-of-the-art home windows help homeowners save money and block harmful UV rays.

Replacing old windows also take your home security efforts up a notch. Advanced locking systems and stronger glass improve the security and protection of your home.

Choose the Right Window Replacement Company

Choose professionals to replace home windows.Here are some essential questions you can ask a potential window replacement company you may want to work with:

  • Where are the windows manufactured? Who is the manufacturer?
  • What are the credentials of the window installers?
  • Are the windows Energy-Star rated?
  • Do the windows have a warranty?

Good-quality home windows are Energy Star certified and provide long-lasting performance. Therefore, make sure you’re choosing an experienced and reliable professional window replacement company to do the work and complete the project for you.

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