Deciding when to have residential windows installation services can get complicated. While it’s not an exact science, there are residential windows installation professionals to help you determine if it’s the right time to have your windows replaced.

If there is a noticeable decline in your windows’ performance, or if you see any remarkable damages, then you should consider getting replacement windows. In today’s post, we’ll share a timeline to help guide homeowners when it’s time to get a new residential windows installation.

How Long Does a Residential Windows Installation Last?

A residential windows installation must be done by professionals.

 A home windows installation – when done and appropriately maintained – should last up to 20 years.

While that is a long amount of time, there are a number of factors that may cause residential windows to break down or weaken.

It is possible, however, for windows to extend their 20-year lifespan if they are properly maintained.

Still, once your existing windows are starting to approach two decades, it’s high time to consider replacing them for your own benefit.

Replacing Home Windows? Look for These Signs

Age and time are not the only factors to look at when replacing your home windows. Here are the other signs that point towards the need for new residential windows installation.

Abnormally high energy costs.

Comfortability issues are not the only consequence of leaky and broken windows. You will also notice abnormally high energy costs as your home windows begin to fail in performance gradually.

Excessive drafts and other comfort issues.

Older windows, the single-pane models, tend to give off unpleasant drafts. However, there are newer home windows with broken seals and air leaks, especially if they are not installed properly. This results in comfort issues at home.

Rotten or warped window frames.

When you have warped windows, replace them with new ones.

Wooden windows are particularly susceptible to rotting and warping. This is unsightly and may result in massive air leaks.

Aside from holes, you may also experience flooding and complete failure when it comes to window performance.

Difficulty in closing or opening the windows.

As time goes by, windows get more challenging to open and close. This is because of several reasons – whether it’s the windows becoming unstable or the foundation settling – the windows can get jammed or stuck.

There is condensation between the windowpanes.

If you see signs of condensation in your double-pane windows, the issue indicates that the seal closing the panes together has broken. The broken seal lets the moisture get in between the double panes. Condensation may even be a sign that the windows are no longer efficient, so it’s time to consider new windows installation. 

Benefits of New Residential Windows Installation

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Replacing your windows is one of the most important decisions you will make as a homeowner. After all, the installation requires an upfront payment. However, when you ensure that the replacement is timed correctly, the benefits you will get from new windows are exponential.

Some of these benefits include:

Enhanced energy-efficiency features.

When you replace your old windows, you will notice your energy bills gradually decreasing. This reason in itself is enough to prove that investing in replacement windows is a smart choice.

Improved comfort at home.

With new and better windows, you no longer will have to deal with uncomfortable drafts, especially during the colder months. Replacing your old, inefficient windows will let you appreciate more even temperatures. Also, modern windows are designed to reflect heat out. This feature improves comfort, especially during the warmer months.

Enhanced safety and security.

Many older windows don’t even have locks, which makes them a considerable security risk. However, newer home windows have advanced latch and lock systems. These new features make them a great asset when it comes to home security and protection.

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